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Image by Sevak

Head-To-Head Sports Apps & Golf AR Anywhere


I started playing golf at a young age and fell in love with the sport. I not only enjoy playing beautiful golf courses in the sun but I always seem to bring the game with me in my mind. 


With the new advance of technology in smartphones I started to have an idea of creating an app that would allow me to play the game anywhere of my own choosing and not only confined to the limits of a golf course. As I live near some vast and very beautiful forests in the south of Sweden I wanted to create my own golf holes in my mind as I enjoyed a forest walk in good company with friends. We would challenge each other in hitting imaginary golf shots and seeing with our minds golf holes that not exist in the real world. Using the new exciting technology of augmented reality (AR) creates the possibility of ”seeing” the imagination coming to life and still remaining in the real world. 


By using AR I also imagined the possibility to play in the city, challenging yourself or a friend to a game between buildings or who could hit a golf drive OVER buildings. For me the concept of ”anywhere” was of most importance.


In creating the golf app I needed a skilled programmer and was very fortunate to meet Joakim Andersson. He understood and shares my vision for app and has brought it even further the what I thought was possible. But still I feel we are only at the beginning of what can be possible in the future.


The spirit of the company is to have fun with friends playing the golf game anywhere using the smartphone. Getting exercise and plenty of fresh air while having fun is quality time!


Marcus Litzberg CEO

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