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We have just updated our roadmap! The content of v.1.2.0 is now fully decided, which will be released within the coming weeks. We have also made a list of planned features overall.

v1.1.2 (TBD)

This version will only be released if we have some important bugfixes or other adjustments before the next major release.

v1.2.0 (Next major release 2024 Q2)

The theme for the next major release is "GPS Playability", and means that we are reworking how the game is played using the GPS and Map.

We want the experience to be much more persistent, while acknowledging the precision limitations of the GPS and compass using today's tech.

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We have just released a minor update that enhances the map and GPS features. We have also improved the golf swing.

  • Swings are now always based on the facing direction of the camera. Resolving any cases where the ball went in the wrong direction.

  • Improved the way GPS flags are placed, you can now touch anywhere on the map and drag the flag, also resulting in a more accurate placement.

  • GPS markers now update their position every 3 seconds.

  • New setting: Show compass accuracy (varies depending on device):


Possible inaccuracy in degrees


Less than 2


Less than 5


Less than 10


Less than 15

Very unreliable

More or equal to 15

No data, No location or Initializing

Cannot get accuracy data

  • The map now correctly fills the entire screen for most resolutions.

  • Improved the way GPS flags are placed, you can now touch and drag the flag.

  • Increased compass and distance visibility.

  • Fixed an issue where you could place a flag when it was already placed.

  • You can now close menus by touching outside the window.

  • Minor UI improvements.

  • Our Discord server:

A golf ball with a green tracer and a red flag on a mobile AR game

With AR Enthusiasm,

Creators of Golf AR Anywhere


Updated: Apr 11

Welcome to the first exclusive blog post for supporters! As you have noted, we have a membership tier where you can support our development and get exclusive news about the app first hand.

Since the release of v1.1.0 we have shifted our focus to the next major release.

v1.1.1 (Coming soon)

  • A minor release with bugfixes and adjustments.

  • Fixes an issue where the flag marker was missing for placed GPS flags in the map view.

  • Increased size on map markers.

  • Increased label text size on map marker.

  • Fixed map size on screens with smaller resolutions.

  • The map markers now update their position every 3 seconds, without having to reopen the map.

v1.2.0 (Next major release, TBD 2024 Q2)

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