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Release Notes v1.1.1

We have just released a minor update that enhances the map and GPS features. We have also improved the golf swing.

  • Swings are now always based on the facing direction of the camera. Resolving any cases where the ball went in the wrong direction.

  • Improved the way GPS flags are placed, you can now touch anywhere on the map and drag the flag, also resulting in a more accurate placement.

  • GPS markers now update their position every 3 seconds.

  • New setting: Show compass accuracy (varies depending on device):


Possible inaccuracy in degrees


Less than 2


Less than 5


Less than 10


Less than 15

Very unreliable

More or equal to 15

No data, No location or Initializing

Cannot get accuracy data

  • The map now correctly fills the entire screen for most resolutions.

  • Improved the way GPS flags are placed, you can now touch and drag the flag.

  • Increased compass and distance visibility.

  • Fixed an issue where you could place a flag when it was already placed.

  • You can now close menus by touching outside the window.

  • Minor UI improvements.

  • Our Discord server:

A golf ball with a green tracer and a red flag on a mobile AR game

With AR Enthusiasm,

Creators of Golf AR Anywhere

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