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Development Update Blog #2

Updated: May 7

It's been a while!

We have been hard at work with the next update of Golf AR Anywhere and we can finally share a sneak peek of what we have been working on. The theme of the next coming update is "Visual Overhaul"!

In preparation for an even larger upcoming update, we wanted to address some of the graphical elements of the game first:

  • The flag has been replaced with a high quality model.

  • The map now fills the entire screen with visual improvements.

  • The "Scorecard" button is improved and shows a flag icon instead.

  • The compass now have a white map icon in the background to indicate that it opens the map.

  • The ball tracer is now transparent.

  • New main menu background.

  • More minor graphical changes.

What happened to Golf AR Anywhere Lite?

We have unpublished the free Lite-version of our app. As we are a small company with limited resources, we are now fully dedicated on bringing updates to the main app, which is also a bit cheaper now.

What's next?

As we finish the "Visual Overhaul" update, we will switch focus to the larger update we mentioned above. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our blog posts!

With AR Enthusiasm,

Creators of Golf AR Anywhere

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