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Release Notes v1.1.0

Updated: Apr 12

We have just released the "Visual Overhaul" update! Here is a summary of all the changes in this version. We now have a Discord server! Join now:

  • The flag is replaced with a high quality model.

  • The golf ball tracer is now semi-transparent for better visibility.

  • Added HDR light estimation for more realistic lightning (Android only).

  • Updated underlaying AR frameworks (ARCore for Android and ARKit for iOS).

  • The map should now automatically adjust to most screen sizes.

  • New visuals and icons in the Scorecard.

  • Improved "Scorecard" and "Reset Ball" buttons.

  • Adjusted the visibility of the arrows in the compass.

  • Increased max distance of flag and ball distances in the compass.

  • Updated icons in the map.

  • Updated main menu and added an exit button.

  • Changed the color of some texts to white instead of green.

  • Fixed a bug with the power indicator when completing a hole.

We are now shifting our focus to bringing an even bigger update! Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts.

With AR Enthusiasm,

Creators of Golf AR Anywhere

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